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10940 Dentist

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Toothaches can be very painful. At 211 Dental Center, our 10940 dentist handles dental emergencies and toothaches in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. A dental emergency can range from a variety of different reasons, including cracks, chips or blows to the tooth, a severe toothache, a tooth that has fallen out, or a chip in the tooth.

If a tooth has fallen out you should come see our 10940 dentist today. The tooth can be held in a glass of milk to help preserve it until you get to our offices. We will then immediately try to get the tooth back into your mouth, because it’s so important that patients can still have a set of teeth. For a tooth that have been knocked out that cannot be replaced, we may recommend a procedure such as implants. Implants are titanium posts that are placed into the jaw bone and ultimately finalized with an artificial tooth over it.

One of the things that are patients love about 211 Dental Center, is that our 10940 dentist is open Monday through Saturday, 6 days a week. We’re open until 5:30 Monday through Fridays, and then on Saturdays from 9 to 3 p.m., this allows us to observe patients as needed and for them to fit time to see us into their busy schedules. Patients enjoy Saturday appointments, because during the work week it can be hard to get away for a dental appointment. Saturdays can be more relaxed and easier for the patient to fit into their schedule. We look forward to speaking with you today. Call our offices or visit our website for more information. This includes cosmetic and restorative dentistry, tooth extractions, crowns and porcelain veneers, as well as the most comprehensive dental exams. Also ask us about our pediatric dental care, and emergency services for those who have dental emergencies.

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