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If you’re having an everyday dental issue…most of the time you can get away with seeing a generalist. But if you’re suffering from something uncommon (like an infected root), you’ll want to pay a visit to someone who specializes in that area. With that said, don’t let that crippling discomfort take control of your life. Head over to 211 Dental Center and see about finally meeting with our 10940 dentist.

So you might be wondering what an endodontist can do for that shockwave of pain flooding through your mouth? Plenty. Of course, you’ll need to first assess what exactly is causing said pain. An endodontist is the ideal specialist if you need to treat an infected root. Simply put, they deal in all things pulp. How does a dental root become infected? Well, whenever a tooth has suffered damage (crack, chip, etc.) it leaves the pulp exposed to the elements—and susceptible to bacterial invasion. Once it seeps into the root, an infection becomes a certainty. Abscesses function in a similar way. They are infections that are lodged between tooth and gum. And like any infection, you don’t want to just tough it out by ignoring it. Doing so increases the chances of the infection spreading into the rest of your body. So don’t let that happen. Take control of that toothache today by seeing a professional as soon as possible. Visit 211 Dental Center today so you can be well on your way to getting first-rate treatment from a 10940 dentist.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. So don’t waste another second dawdling in uncertainty. Decide today to be proactive. Reach out to 211 Dental Center via phone or e-mail. After speaking to our friendly staff, schedule an appointment. After that? Well, you’ll be a hop and a skip away from meeting with our 10940 dentist. Couldn’t be easier.

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