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Dental Plaque in Middletown

What exactly is dental plaque and how does it affect your oral health? At 211 Dental Center, we want you to know how to address plaque so you can prevent its worst consequences and maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums now and in the future.

Dental plaque is bacterial substance. It’s sticky and it’s invisible and it is responsible for cavities and gum disease. It’s not very realistic to expect to stop all plaque formation, but to the extent that you can keep your sugar intake under control, you’ll be saddled with less plaque. That’s because sugar, along with starch, is the fuel for dental plaque. Our Middletown dentist recommends twice-daily teeth brushing at home; first thing in the morning, and then again before you go to sleep. Floss before bed, also. The above is an excellent strategy, and it will result in the elimination of the vast majority of the dental plaque on your teeth and at your gum line. Some can remain out of reach, hiding in, for example, gum pockets, where it then hardens into tartar. Now it’s vital to know that tartar is just as big a hazard to the wellness of your teeth and gums as filmy plaque is. But you will need a trip to see our Middletown dentist to have it eradicated with a teeth cleaning. Also, any effects of early stage gum disease, gingivitis, are reversed with a teeth cleaning. Make that trip every six months and the likelihood is that you will not suffer from complications like a tooth infection, severe pain, and advanced gum disease.

There is nothing quite like the peace of mind to know that your teeth and gums are in an optimal state of health. And while there are no guarantees, by contacting our office right now to schedule an appointment with our Middletown dentist, you are putting the odds in your favor for the best outcomes.

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